From NASA expertise to global climate influencer

Renowned for transforming NASA's educational outreach, her contributions have made scientific literacy more attainable and engaging. Her mastery in multimedia and public speaking, combined with a deep understanding of climate issues, positions her as a leading influencer in environmental advocacy, resonating with thousands across social platforms. Her unique blend of emotion, humor, and scientific accuracy in her Earth Right Now blog epitomizes her innovative approach.

  • Proven Track Record: Benefit from a keynote speaker with a proven track record. Laura’s achievements at NASA, including 5 Webby Awards and social media growth, ensure your event will be elevated to new heights.
  • Innovative Science Communication: Unleash the power of innovative science communication with Laura. Gain actionable tools to captivate audiences and make complex scientific concepts accessible.
  • Pioneering Earth Science Blog: Laura’s Earth Right Now blog, renowned for combining personality, emotion, and humor with science, promises a keynote filled with engaging narratives.

Keynotes by Laura Tenenbaum

Laura Tenenbaum's keynotes blend her deep knowledge of climate science with innovative communication techniques. She focuses on making complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging, highlighting the importance of climate education and environmental advocacy.

Drawing on her experiences, including her impactful work at NASA, Laura's presentations are both informative and inspiring, designed to foster awareness and action in environmental conservation and sustainability. Her keynotes will educate you about climate, women in science and the ‘clean future’.

The Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters

Laura was very articulate in communicating her material and respectful to the other panelists who are two highly respected insurance executives. Laura is a captivating, knowledgeable and compelling speaker.

After the session many folks rushed over to talk to her and wanted to take their photos with her! I would gladly work with Laura again.

Bill Greening, writer

Everything I read from you, I learn something without making me feel stupid.

Laura Tenenbaum enhances NASA's climate education, simplifying complex concepts and expanding its online presence. As an adjunct professor and utility board member, she champions sustainability initiatives, inspiring action in climate science through narrative-driven advocacy.

About Laura Tenenbaum

Environmental Advocate and Science Communicator Transforming Climate Awareness

Laura Tenenbaum is a scientist and innovator in science and climate communication. From working as Senior Science Editor at NASA to five-time Webby Award-winning expert, to media influencer with 134,000 followers on TikTok, Laura’s achievements speak volumes. She propelled NASA’s Global Climate Change website, turning it into a digital powerhouse with over half a million monthly visitors, and her Earth Right Now blog on NASA’s climate website, the most popular in the organization, showcased her unique ability to blend personality, emotion, and humor with scientific precision. 

Beyond her accolades, Laura continues to cultivate meaningful relationships with senior NASA scientists and global leaders. And as a professor and author of college-level textbooks, she has been able to share her knowledge with younger audiences for over a decade as well.Through innovative and impactful storytelling that resonates across diverse audiences, Laura navigates the complexities of climate science effortlessly. She can translate the most difficult concepts into language the public can comprehend without compromising scientific accuracy or nuance while empowering others to participate in solutions to environmental challenges that we desperately need. 


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