When Global Warming gets you down, come back stronger

What if climate change became an opportunity, not a challenge? Laura Tenenbaum’s keynotes redefine the narrative.

In a world grappling with the burden of global warming, she empowers audiences to view it as a challenge worth facing with courage. Giving up is not an option; instead, Tenenbaum’s transformative keynotes offer a refreshing perspective. She turns the lemons of climate change into lemonade, providing actionable insights and innovative solutions. Embrace the change, harness the strength, and turn adversity into an opportunity for growth and innovation.

Key awards:

  • See climate change as an opportunity, not just a challenge.
  • Respond to global warming with courage and resilience.
  • Embrace the climate crisis as a chance for innovation.
  • Transform adversity into a platform for positive change.
  • Motivate your team to approach climate challenges with optimism and strength.

The Past, Present & Future of Women in Science

Ever wondered about the untold stories of women in science? Laura Tenenbaum’s keynotes illuminate the overlooked narratives of women pioneers.

Explore the galaxy far, far away from the traditional lens. Laura’s insights not only bridge historical gaps but also inspire the future. Book her keynotes to bring visibility to women in science, fostering diversity and empowerment. Transform the pain point of unexplored narratives into an opportunity for your team to celebrate the significant contributions of women in the scientific realm.

Let Laura ignite a fresh perspective, empowering your audience to embrace and champion women’s roles in shaping the scientific landscape.

Key awards:

  • Illuminate the untold stories of women in science past, present, and future.
  • Explore the often-overlooked narratives of women pioneers in a diverse galaxy.
  • Inspire a future where women play a significant role in scientific endeavors.
  • Foster diversity and empowerment by bringing visibility to women in science.
  • Embrace and champion the contributions of women, shaping a more inclusive scientific landscape.

Snap into a Clean Energy Future

What happens on Earth stays on Earth, but what if we could reshape its future sustainably? In a world craving a clean energy future, Laura Tenenbaum’s keynotes are the catalyst for change.

Explore innovative solutions and snap into a sustainable tomorrow. With no spare Earths, every drop of effort matters. Laura’s insights go beyond the ordinary, offering a roadmap to a sustainable future. Her keynotes will inspire your team, turning the challenge of sustainability into an opportunity for impactful change. Let’s collectively ensure that every drop adds up to a greener, brighter, and more sustainable planet for generations to come.

Key awards:

  • Embrace a clean energy future through innovative solutions.
  • Recognize the importance of sustainable practices on our planet.
  • Understand that Earth has no substitutes; sustainability is vital.
  • Acknowledge the collective impact of individual efforts.
  • Turn the challenge of sustainability into an opportunity for impactful change.

Science is hard, do it anyway!

Science is challenging, but what if it held the key to transformative discoveries? Dive into the next big question in sea level science with Laura Tenenbaum’s keynotes.

Tackling the complexities of glaciers on the edge and revealing how a sea slug changed her life, Laura turns science into an engaging narrative. With her, science becomes not just a pursuit but a captivating journey. Laura will unravel the mysteries of Science & Oceanography. Transform your perspective, gain valuable insights, and navigate the sea of knowledge with ease. Make science not just accessible but an exciting exploration for your team.

Key awards:

  • Transform your view of science as a challenging journey, not just a pursuit.
  • Dive into the next big question in sea level science for valuable insights.
  • Explore the complexities of glaciers on the edge through engaging narratives.
  • Unravel the mysteries of Science & Oceanography, turning challenges into opportunities.
  • Make science an exciting exploration, gaining valuable perspectives for your team.